About Us


I’m Tiff, the creative woman behind Simply Beautiful Gifts. This is my small but mighty business — let me take the stress out of gift giving.  I love giving unique, thoughtful gifts to make people simply feel good!

You know that feeling you get when you can’t add one more thing to your mental load? We can help with that — scouring catalogues, looking for those special things that go together in beautiful and often unexpected ways to make YOU look good and make your recipient feel even better. This is our jam! Every time we curate a gift, our aim is to outdo ourselves — we want to impress ourselves, blow our own minds — for you!  We imagine ourselves opening the box and experiencing that feeling — wow! 

We imagine you, our customer, and we imagine what you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to ensure your receiver feels appreciated, acknowledged, loved even — a thank you, congratulations on a job well done, a new baby, or a little hello! Or, maybe you stuffed up and need to reach out to simply say I’m sorry. Deep down, most of all, you want your person to feel the thrill of being the person who gets the gift.

And, you know what? We don’t send expensive air, cheap fillers or generic off-the-shelf stuff you can find in a shopping mall. You know it’s not what they really want — give a gift that says ‘wow, I’ve got goosebumps!’ A gift that creates a connection, a warm feeling and a memory that is cherished. Think of us as your little gift fairies, sprinkling our perfect gift-giving magic wherever you need it. 

At Simply Beautiful Gifts, we curate gifts at a level that requires skill, creative thinking and sometimes a little magic, to get things just right — we don’t just chuck a few things in a box! We work to your requirements, budget and specifications. We would love to be there for you. 

Simply choose from our ready-to-go range, or get in touch and request a curated, one-of-a-kind gift, just for you… and yours...  Oh and we have a range of unique, exquisite high quality individual gifts, perfect for gift giving.