Copy of Bedhead Boys Legionnaire Hat in "Rope" Print

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This hat is made for little kids who love to dig in a sandpit, play with their trucks and make all those funny vroom-vroom noises when they play!

Made with super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey that keeps kids heads cool under the hot Australian sun while keeping them completely protected. The classic style is built for comfort and has a fit that is second to none.  

Bedhead Legionnaire hats are so soft and comfortable over the ears and back of the neck making them the perfect baby sun hat that also converts hat-haters into hat-lovers!

The Legionnaire hat is built for comfort - so much that kids forget they're wearing it! This makes it the best style for hat-haters and babies to wear while in prams and baby carriers. Made with super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey for a perfect fit keeping your little ones head cool under the hot Australian conditions & rated UPF50+ excellent protection.

Find us a child who doesn't like diggers, dumpers and mixer trucks! Every kids fave kind of watchable noise makes up our Construction hat. In primary colours to brighten up a day - this is the perfect hat to try out on kids who aren't too keen to keep hats on heads! Available in Legionnaire, Toddler Bucket and Classic Bucket.

BEST SUITED TO: Newborns, crawlers and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings. Best style to convert stubborn hat-haters as it is harder to pull off & not within their eyeline.